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Pamporovo, March 2023

So, this is the second time organising my winter workshops and we’re back in Pomporovo. Situated in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains, a mountain massive in the southwest of Bulgaria, Pamporovo is one of the three main ski resorts in the country; I have to admit it is my favourite for a number of reasons. First being its location: it’s 250 km from Sofia, so quite a bit further than Borovets and Bansko which are only about 100 km from the capital. This means it’s less frequented, hence there are hardly ever any queues at the lifts!

The thing that really stands out though, is the landscape. The Rhodope Mountain range is the most expansive in Bulgaria, covering about 1/7 (one-seventh) of the entire country. It’s really in the middle of nature, far removed from the intensity of cities and, on the slopes, the panoramas are breathtaking; the pine tree forests add even more of an otherworldly feel to the place.

There are 15 of us and most are regulars, who have joined me before; for some this is their fourth time joining me… As usual, despite the profiles of the participants being wildly different, there is a kind of magic that dwells within the group. Whether it’s on the ski slopes or on the yoga mats, all levels coexist in the same space! Because, we don’t just partake in the fun on the slopes, there are also yoga classes during the workshops; two classes/day during the summer and one evening class during winter. It just feels so good to stretch and unknot your tired muscles after hours on the slopes.

Another reason Pamporovo is my favourite ski resort is, in large part, also determined by our HQ, the Hotel Perelik and its luxurious spa! It’s truly a joy, after all that physical activity, to unwind in the sauna or steam room or take a dip in the semi-Olympic sized pool.

As the participants also agree, I’ve decided to come back to Pamporovo, for a new summer workshop, integrating hiking and yoga. I’ll be releasing the exact dates soon but, if you want to join us, go ahead and pencil into your schedule: 5 till 12 August, give or take a few days. Feel free to send me a message if you’d like to stay updated on the exact dates. You can find a short summary of the 2021 summer workshop here, and a log of the summer 2022 edition here.

Last but certainly not least, I want to sincerely thank all the participants: you were magical in every sense of the word! Another memorable week, forever etched in our brains.

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